Update #6: Back Together

Today the L-City team came back to Joe City. Before we were reunited, both groups had an exciting day.


The team had a quick breaded dumpling breakfast and jumped in a bus to ride on a very bumpy road to an elementary school. A previous team had worked with contractors to put windows in the school. The windows looked great! The kids were extremely excited to open the gate and welcome us. It was about as close to movie stardom as we will ever get.

The team then had the opportunity to visit an M-People village. We Prayerwalked the village and got to interact with some of the people. It was great for many on the team to finally meet some of the M-People. Those are images that we will never forget.
We were able to meet up with and old friend who treated us to a very nice lunch. The next stop was to a Buddhist Temple that was up on a mountain overlooking the city. It was a very large and ornate temple. Though most in L-City are not Buddhist, it is clear that cultural dynamic is focused there. The imagery of the statue overlooking the city was startling so we prayed that the light of the Gospel would overcome the darkness in that place. We left shortly after that to head back to Joe City.

Joe City

The team hiked up a mountain that overlooks the entire city. It was a tough hike, but the payoff was huge. What a beautiful view and opportunity to pray over all of Joe City. It is always good perspective to see the city from a high level while you are also interacting with it on a very personal level.
They then had an opportunity to walk to a couple of villages around Joe City. It is always striking to see the difference in city living and village living even though they can be so close together. The team Prayerwalked the villages asking for future opportunity to share the love of the Son with the people that lived there.
The evening was spent at an “English Corner” at the local university. This is a time where college students seeking to practice their English can meet together and ask each other questions. It is always a hit when foreigners come to visit. The conversations are always fun and exciting.


When we met back together in Joe City it was at “Food Street” -or- “BBQ Street.” It was a fun environment and the street was lined with small grills and all kinds of normal looking meats as well as some not-so-normal looking meats. Don’t worry, only a couple of us tried something crazy. The rest enjoyed some time of fellowship and good food.

The time is flying by and tomorrow we leave Joe City to head back to G-City. We can’t believe how quick the time is flying. It was sad to say goodbye to friends we have in Joe City. We hope to continue those relationships in the future. Our worker friends and our translator (who now seems like a member of the team) have been such a blessing to us and it will be hard to leave them tomorrow.

Please Pray

  • Please pray for continued health. Fatigue has set in and we are all pretty tired. Though we are on the tail end of this trip it is important that we not slack off in the final days. There is still work to be done.
  • Please pray for safe travel as we will be traveling by bus tomorrow and by plane the next two days.
  • Please pray for Joe City and L-City. God has a plan for them and we will diligently follow Him as He carries out that plan through us.
  • Please pray for our workers and our translator. They have been such a great blessing to us and we hope that we have been to them as well.
  • Please pray for the M-People.

Now it’s time for bed. Good night…. Or afternoon…. Or morning…. Well whatever.

Till next time,

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