Update #4: Open Doors and Unity

Open Doors

Today most of our team had follow up appointments with people that they met yesterday. One meeting was over breakfast and the college student was very open to the Gospel. He is very intelligent and was asking some very difficult questions like: plausibility of the resurrection? -and- can you prove things scientifically? These questions are important to answer well so that you can show how science and faith don’t conflict. Thankfully our friend’s English was so good that he could understand the discussion well and respond with great thoughts and questions. Our team will be following up with him on Friday if possible.

Two ladies from our group followed up with a teacher and had tea. The conversation went well and they will try to follow up again.

A new relationship was built with a new student. When the gospel was shared with her she considered the information carefully and committed to learning more. She clearly grasped that this information was important. Our team is going to try to follow up on Friday with her so that they can help her acquire a Bible.

I keep referring to follow up on Friday because we have left G-city and taken a 3.5 hour bus ride through beautiful countryside to Joe City. We met up with new friends who teach at the university in town. Our new friends helped us check into the hotel and took us to a great dinner. We ate like kings and queens in a private room upstairs (upper room?) all for the fair price of around $40! We are excited about the open doors that have been presented in our new city.

Tomorrow half of our team will stay in Joe City and the other half will take a bus to L-City. Many opportunities have been presented to us and it is clear that we are feeling the effect of your many prayers.


One thing that is very evident is that our team is unified. One moment that stood out today – as our team was walking through G-city to get lunch, behind me I could hear talking, joking, and laughter. Our team truly loves each other and that is overflowing to the people we meet. It is incredible to consider that most people on this trip did not know one another until the training for this trip started. Today you would think that we have been family for a long time. That is the product of the Holy Spirit working in us.

Please Pray:

  • Pray for the Joe City team’s energy tomorrow as they help teach in a high school. It will be a long day in the classroom.
  • Pray for our ability to bless the workers that are in Joe City, our new friends.
  • Pray for Father to lead our L-city team’s efforts tomorrow as we follow up on relationships and projects.
  • Pray for relationships to be strengthened between our team and all of our new and existing relationships.
  • Pray for hearts to be changed!

Thank you for your prayers. Though you are 13 hours away we consider you here with us.

More tomorrow,

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