Update #3: Divine Appointments

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Today we split up into 3 groups of 4 and went out to different college campuses. Our goal was to Prayerwalk and engage in conversation with those who were open to talk. Usually it can take some time for appointments to be set for follow up conversations, but your prayers were answered today! All three teams encountered incredible opportunities to share and set follow ups.
Here are some highlights of their stories:
  • One team encountered some music majors at a campus and they were able to connect with one of our team members who teaches music. This led to an instant connection that opened doors to more important matters. In a true team effort they were able to walk through a presentation of the gospel and later today that person told the team that she choses to live for Jesus Christ!!! They will be trying to meet with her tomorrow morning and go through the next steps with her and connecting her with a long term worker.
  • Another team spent two hours Prayerwalking a campus and could not engage in conversation with anyone. It didn’t help that it was rainy and that most students were in class. The team persisted however and decided to hike up a mountain next to the campus (typical guys wanting to explore). This led to an encounter with a family who was taking the same hike. They were able to discuss eternal things, but not much came of it except for a dinner invitation. The family decided to bring a friend along for dinner that spoke very good English. It was this friend who was open to talking and is willing to meet again tomorrow morning for breakfast to discuss more with the team. Please lift this meeting up. It is funny that the Father used an unexpected appointment to lead to a different, impactful appointment.
  • The other team traveled to an extension campus where there are long term workers teaching on campus. This team was able to teach in the classroom where they received a very exciting welcome from the students. They felt like rock stars. The impact from this team is two fold. They were able to interact with the students in the classroom and also most of them for dinner. Great contacts were made, but there was an important appointment made. It was the appointment that the Father made for this team to work with, pray over, and encourage the young couple who live here as workers that made a big impact on our team.
It is amazing to see and hear how the Father is using us in different ways to carry out His plan. Your prayers were felt in a powerful way today as you prayed for these appointments to be made. Please continue to lift us up in that way. Tomorrow we spend a half day in our current city and then leave to go south.
Please Pray:
  • Pray for appointments to be made for us in advance as we leave for a new city.
  • Pray for the health of our team. We had one person feeling a little ill, but today they were restored to good health.
  • Pray for the people that we met with today that they would be plugged in to local community.
  • Pray for the workers that live here. That they would be encouraged and rejuvenated by our presence and support.
More to come. Expecting great things from our great Father.

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