Update #2: The Vastness of the Lost

Today was a great day. Though no one was able to get more than 5 hours of sleep we all had energy and stayed awake all day!
We started the day with a good local breakfast: either noodles or pastries. We then had orientation where we were able to meet with local workers and hear their heart for the people of the city and all those who live around the city.
After an incredible local lunch we left for a hike up a mountain to see the vastness of the city. The view was amazing as we looked at a city settled in the middle of a very unique mountain range. Everywhere we looked there were rooftops of apartment buildings and places of business. At this spot we were able to pray for the city and the people there. Once we saw the magnitude of the city we felt the weight of it’s collective lost nature. At the end of the night many shared that this moment was the main focal point of what Father was revealing to them.
Tomorrow we will be making the transition from a “zoomed out” view of the city and start engaging with the people that we prayed for today. Everyone will be visiting universities, praying over them and engaging with students.
Prayer Requests:
  • Praise the Lord that we received one of our lost bags today! The other two are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Please continue to ask for their return.
  • Please pray for the health of the team as fatigue and a different diet weigh on the stomach.
  • Please pray for appointments to be made with students for tomorrow.
  • Please pray for those who we will be praying over and meeting tomorrow.
  • Please pray for logistics of our transfer to the southern cities coming up tomorrow afternoon.

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