Update #1: Safe Arrival and Flexibility

Safe Arrival

We arrived safely in G city at our scheduled time and while we are all very exhausted everyone is in good health. Everyone is excited about our day tomorrow as we get oriented with the city and get to spend time with the workers.
While we arrived safely we have faced a few struggles. We have 3 bags that did not arrive with us. The airlines are working to get them to us tomorrow. The great news is that we planned for this and no one is going to go without any needs.
A funny story to share from day 1 is in regards to security searching a large suitcase that included many gifts for the new baby of the workers. The item causing the male security agent trouble was the breast pump. After much explanation we finally were able to convince him what it was. Once he knew what it was he hastily said everything was ok. As you can imagine, my explanation was pretty comical and I wish we had pictures.
We will be sending out more updates starting tomorrow. Thank you very much for praying!
Please lift up:
-Continued good health
-Quality sleep
-The bags to arrive
-Father led meetings

2 Comments on “Update #1: Safe Arrival and Flexibility

  1. So glad to hear you all arrived safely. Our prayers are with you all.
    A special hello to Terry & Jamie S!!

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