Update #5 New Years Team

Dateline Sunday and Monday, January 5 and 6, 2014


As Cedar Fever hits San Antonio, there is something in the air here that has affected our allergies.

Today we went to the TSPM church near the high school.  Our translator had the opportunity to teach the children’s Sunday School.  His youth and enthusiasm was a big hit with the kids.  Then we all attended the Sunday morning worship service which included partaking in the Lord’s Supper.  Even though we couldn’t understand the words of the songs or preaching, it was still a powerful experience to share this time of worship with these fellow believers.

Following the service we were introduced to two girls needing financial support for their schooling.  One is in middle school.  Her father had a stroke last year and has not been able to work since.  Her mother divorced her father.  The father and daughter are staying with a grandmother at an uncle’s house.

The other girl is an elementary student.  Her father abandoned the family some time ago.  Her mother recently left, leaving her with a grandmother.  We were able to provide some financial support for each of these girls.

About 5pm we met with 40 to 50 kids at the high school.  We spent about 1.5 hours with them.  We directed them in doing three skits from the Bible using the kids to act out the story.  The three skits were Solomon and the baby, the ten talents, and Ruth and Naomi.  Spending time with these kids is always a high moment of each trip.

Monday was raining which helped our allergies some.  We returned to the village and visited the elderly man and his daughter.  Mr. Pan then took us to visit an elderly woman who broke her leg about the time of the November Team’s visit.

In the evening we met with several English teachers from the high school and one from the middle school for an English Corner.  One of the things we did was to read some poetry from the Old Testament and discuss it.  Seeds planted.

Prayer requests:

–For good health for each of us for the rest of the trip and particularly relief from our allergies.

–Bless the two young girls and their family situations.

–Bless the elderly man and his daughter

–Be with the elderly woman with the broken leg

–That the seeds planted with the English teachers will grow into a personal faith and belief in each of them.

–Show us how to be bold and full of truth and light.

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