Update #4 New Years Team

Dateline Friday and Saturday, January 3 and 4, 2014


We hired Mr. Pan to drive us to the elementary school.  We were able to verify through several sources that the clothes delivered by the November Team were in fact received by the children. (Praise the Lord!)  We looked at the old building where the windows are to be replaced for the kindergartens and first graders.  We also have been requested to replace seven windows on the second story rear of the main school building.  At another school an elementary student fell from a second story window and was killed.  The second story windows need the addition of security bars to keep this from happening.   We are going to add this to the work we have done here at the school.  We looked at the existing toilet system at the school.

Government officials arrived at the school shortly after we did.  They spent some time talking with the principal.  After they left, he informed us if we wanted to do any more projects for the school after the windows, he would need to get permission from his higher ups.

We did go by the home of the village elder the November Team had met, but his daughter was out of town.  We plan to return on Monday and hopefully will be able to visit with both of them.

Saturday we finalized the contract for the windows at the elementary school.

That night we had dinner in the home of one of the women from the TSPM church.  She is married and has a son and daughter, both young adults.  The daughter is a believer, but the husband and son are not.  We had the opportunity to share with all members of the family.

Prayer requests:

–manage details of window installation to completion

–be with the family of the TSPM member, pray that the husband and son would come to know the Lord, and that the wife and daughter would be encouraged  and grow in their faith.

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