Update #3 New Years Team

Dateline Thursday, January 2, 2014.

Today we took our believer friend from L-City to meet a believer in Y-City.  The believer in Y-City is a friend of our translator.  The meeting between the 2 women went well.  All together we spent about 5 hours discussing scripture.  It was a blessing for us all and we trust this can be the start of an on-going friendship for these 2 women and a chance of discipleship for our friend from L-City.

In the evening we had dinner with 2 of the women from the Three Self Church.  We shared our testamonies with each other and learned some of the history of the church.

Tomorrow we plan to return to the elementary school.  This will be the first time we have gone back since the delivery of the clothes (see Blog #8 and 9 from the November trip).

Thank God for the good meeting of the 2 women from L-City and Y-City.

Thank God the lost suitcase missing in the first post of this trip was found and reunited with its owner.

Pray for the trip to the elementary school to go well, for our time with our van driver Mr. Pan, for opportunities to spend time with the principal of the school and elder of the nearby village.

Pray that we will keep our focus on God and His leading and make the most of each opportunitiy to share and build relationships.

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