Update #1 from New Year’s trip to East Asia

We currently have a team of two in East Asia for the purposes of discipleship of a new believer and for coordinating installation of windows in an elementary school that had none. Many kindergarten and 1st graders are sitting in class in the winter without windows or heaters.     -Josh

Here is the first update from our guys:

Our New Year’s team has arrived safely in country but missing the main suitcase of one team member.  Please pray it will be found and gets to him soon. 

We thought this team would be able to see the installation of the new windows in the elementary school.  The day the team left we received word that the principal asked that the work not be done now while the kids are in school, but done during their New Year celebration when the children will be on holiday.  That will be late January.

Elementary Windows

The request to delay the work is reasonable, just a little disappointing to our human nature.  God is in control, we are not.  We are following His guidance one step at a time.

Pray for the team’s health, recovery of the lost suitcase, wisdom and discernment as they engage in relationship bulidling and visible acts of love that display God’s invisible kingdom.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!



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