Update #8: Compassion and Challenge

From Jim:


Last Tuesday when we first visited the m people village located about one hour drive from L city, we asked the principal of the elementary school what we could do to help.  He told us of four things:

  1. School supplies for the 183 children.
  2. Coats and shoes for each child.
  3. Glass for the windows of the old building that houses the kinder and first grade classes.
  4. A new sanitary toilet.

School supplies were bought in L city and delivered by us to the students last Thursday. The clothes had to be ordered from another city and shipped to L city.  These clothes arrived yesterday, so today we are taking six large boxes of clothes to the village. Upon arrival at the school the principal received us warmly.  We took the clothes to the sixth grade class to make a ceremonial presentation of the clothes to the children.  I will provide photos for these blogs after I get back home.  In the photo of us presenting the clothes you will see the name Alamo Club.  This is how we identify ourselves while in this country.

The principal said these clothes will be much appreciated by the children. The principal arranged to feed us lunch at the school.  In fact he cooked much of it himself.  It was very good and a real treat to be eating in these unique surroundings.


As we were finishing the meal, the school was visited by government officials and a policeman. It seems the principal was supposed to notify the officials before accepting gifts from foreigners. He did not know this and had not done so.  The officials asked our interpreter a bunch of questions.  I hope this is the end of the matter.

Please pray that:

  • The acts of compassion will be received in the right way.
  • The new clothes will help the children.
  • We will be able to do other things to help the children.
  • God will grant us favor with these authorities.
  • These acts of compassion will prepare the hearts of men and women to be receptive to receive the good news that there is a God and that he loves them and desires to have a personal relationship with them, both now and forever.


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