Update #6: Devotion and Home Visitation

From Jim:


This morning we had an extended time of devotion.  The past several days we have had to hurry off so today was special.

I’ve learned that sometimes the biggest accomplishment of a short term missions trip is what God does in you, not what you do for him.

In our devotional time we shared how Gd was changing our eyes, helping us to see things in a new way.  We also prayed that we would use our remaining days here with purpose and not just drift, or be tourist.

Home Visitation

There were three individuals we wanted to meet with:

  1. Lisa, is a believer we want to meet with for discipleship.  We have an appointment to meet with Lisa tomorrow and just the girls will be meeting with her.  Pray that they will be able to encourage her in her faith.
  2. Mr. Pan, our driver. When he drove us to the village he told us his mother is on dialysis.  We called to see if we could come visit her and he invited us over at 6 pm.  It will be just Donnie and our interpreter.  At the home were his father, mother, wife and daughter. They invited Donnie and our interpreter to stay for dinner.  The father had been a teacher in the village school where we took the school supplies.  Another son still lives in that village.  All of these connections show how God is bringing many parts together for the salvation of the M people. We plan to hire Mr. pan to take us to the village one more time before we leave so we’ll have another opportunity to plant seeds, or be a link in the chain of events that lead to his salvation.  Please pray for Mr. Pan’s salvation and that of his entire family.
  3. The third individual is Mr Shay, a director of the M people museum.  We talked to him and plan to see him tomorrow morning at the museum.  Pray this will lead to an opportunity to share and to his salvation.


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