Update #4: Idols, Alamo, Pizza, Teachers, Pastor

From Jim:

Idols and The Alamo

There is a Buddhist temple here in L city. As we approached we heard chanting.  A young man and woman were there who apparently had paid for some type of ceremony the monks were doing for them.  The monks were chanting and playing musical instruments.  The couple were repeatedly cow towing in front of a statute of Buda.  To see people bowing in front of an Idol makes an impression you you don’t forget. Seeing this reminds you clearly of the admonitions of God for men not to worship idols. Donnie noticed that all of their music ended on a “down” note unlike ours that typically ends on an “up” note.

We noticed that there was no joy shown by the monks or the couple involved in the ceremony. This is much different from Christian worship that is characterized by joy and happiness.

While leaving the temple I was able to lead the team to a building that has the classic shape of the Alamo across the top. It has a five pointed star. The building is old, but not as old as the Alamo. Apparently another Texan was here years ago.

Pizza, Teachers, and Pastor

Our friends J and his wife operate a pizza restaurant in another city as part of their platform for ministry in East Asia. We were told there was a pizza restaurant here so we decided to check out the competition.  Our market research indicates the pizza business is a possibility for us here in L city.

Dinner was shared with five English teachers from the high school.  The pastor of the 3S church had asked us to come meet with him, so Donnie, the translator and I left dinner early to go meet.

It appeared the pastor wanted to be reassured of our intentions.  He had been involved with church groups from Korea and Hong Kong that had created problems.  After assuring him of our desire to work in harmony with him, he invited us to worship with him on Sunday. We accepted and look forward to our first opportunity to share in a church service in this country.


(Admin. note: Please pray for this opportunity to connect with this pastor. It is a risk that our team feels led to take. We see God directing this team to do this so they are stepping out in faith. Pray that this pastor’s intentions are pure and that he has a genuine heart to evangelize and make disciples.) JMC


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