Update #3: Compassion and Co-mission

From Jim:


What a welcome we received at the village today! Our Father has clearly been working to bring different people together for just this moment. The village that the pastor wanted to take us to is the same village that our driver, Mr. Pan, grew up.

The village is in a beautiful setting with mountains in the background and a stream runs through it. Aside from the scenery though is the clear needs of the people due to poverty. We can begin to address some of these needs with simple school supplies and clothing such as coats and shoes. 183 children attend the elementary school. There are other needs that will take more time and funding to meet such as sanitary toilets and glass for windows.

The second great event of the day was the reception we received at the high school in “L City.” The high school is home to 3,000 students. The building itself is very beautiful. We met on part of the playground and were surrounded by over 200 kids. Donnie was able to lead some sing-a-long songs and the kids loved it. If you’ve ever wondered what is was like to be a rock star this was it! I had my picture taken more times yesterday than any other day since my wedding. My face muscles were tired from smiling so much.


This is clearly not OUR mission for the Father. We are engaged in a co-mission WITH the Father. Evidence of this fact was revealed today as we continued to see His sovereign plan in action. Our translator is a young believer from another town. He was talking to his pastor this morning and his pastor said to look up another pastor who was a friend of his and connect with him. This happened to be the same man that we met with yesterday! In a country of 1.3 billion people what is the chance of that? It is not a coincidence, but a blessing.

It’s not just we who are here, but all of you who have given and prayed. I have been traveling here fro 9 years and many of you have supported me all this time. Your prayers over the years are being answered even now.

Please keep praying. Pray that Satan will be bound as he seeks to stop the light that is beginning to overtake the darkness. Pray for the people that we seek to work with to not be taken captive by greed. Pray for continued good favor with those who are in authority here.


2 Comments on “Update #3: Compassion and Co-mission

  1. What an awesome story of the Father’s blessing! It’s a lot of fun from this side of the world to pr and remember the sights and sound of the area you are in right now. I’ll continue to you guys up. I can’t wait to hear more stories.


  2. WE love you , Jim and Sandy! And our love to each member of this tm. Can hardly believe it started 9 years ago….and how amazing to see where Father has taken it beyond what any of us could imagine. I feel so proud, grateful, and appreciative as a fellow sister that you are on the front lines at the ends of the earth. He has gone before and will remain when you leave!

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